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Happi Baby Capsule Insert
Scientifically designed by the University of Auckland along with the Auckland City Hospital and the Cot Death Association.

This insert helps babies head lie upright in a natural position instead of slumping forward, research suggests that babies travelling in car seats should be provided with additional support to prevent blocking of their airway.

The research team have worked with Dunlop Foams to develop the foam insert which holds the infant’s body forward with a slot for the protruding back of the head. This allows the head to lie upright even when the baby falls asleep, keeping the baby’s airway open. The insert was designed to protect infants until they are about nine months old, when infants’ jaws become stable.

“Babies are not shaped like little adults,Young babies have relatively much bigger heads than adults and they stick out behind the line of the back. At the same time they have very short necks so that their chins are almost on their chests, and their muscles are less well developed. Because standard infant car seats have flat backs, when an infant is properly strapped in place, the flat back of the seat pushes on the back of the head, which is bent forward, so that the chin is pressed against the chest. Because babies have very mobile jaws, the chin is easily pushed backward, with tongue inside it constricting the airway.


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